Breathe Deep

It is our intention to create a loving and nurturing atmosphere for everyone to have an authentic experience of yoga. We are dedicated to serving the growth of each individual by offering inspirational, heart-felt teachings that foster presence and connection. It is our commitment to extend this experience of connection off the mat through community involvement and service.

Breathe Yoga Center was born out of the desire to create a place for yoga and community. Although we have transitioned from having a physical studio to a loving virtual space for yoga and community our mission endures. We hope that, like us, you too will unlock greater health and happiness through the practices of yoga.

Meet Our Founders!

class downward dog


At Breathe you will be able to take a variety of styles and teachers who bring a unique vision of yoga to each class. We don’t follow a set series or set the room to a certain temperature, allowing for variety and spontaneity. In each class you will find alignment instruction, an element of flow and relaxation at the end.


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