Graduate Testimonials



The teacher training at Breathe Yoga Center is so much more than learning to teach asana. Gil and Meaghan have created an authentic and unique yogic journey that will take you into your inner most depths. They have a way of connecting to what is real, inspiring tremendous growth and unlocking the potential each of us has to share the gift of yoga.

The program is full of unique practices I would be surprised to find at other schools. Be prepared to laugh, to cry and to grow. An experience not to miss.


Breathe Yoga Center’s training program was vigorous and thorough. It is an exceptional program with instructors who go above and beyond to help you and see you succeed. I am so glad I chose this teacher training program and feel it is leaps and bounds better than other available trainings in the area.

The knowledge I have gained about the practice of yoga through this program is invaluable and it was a life changing experience for me. I am forever grateful for this experience!


Breathe Yoga Center conducts a thorough and professional teacher training program that not only prepares students to become high-caliber yoga teachers, but also provides students with the opportunity to deeply connect with their yoga practice and their passion for teaching. I would highly recommend this teacher training program to any student with a desire to teach yoga authentically from the heart.


The Breathe Yoga Center 200 hr teacher training program prepares students to not only be knowledgeable, confident yoga instructors, but to be knowledgeable, confident human beings. Students are taught the fundamentals of teaching a yoga class, yes, but are also lead on a journey toward inner peace and clarity.

This clarity allows students to more fully delve into their own personal practice and to find the joy in their practice, both on the mat and in their daily life. It is through this grounding, clearer sense of self that students are then able to share the great potential of yoga by guiding other students on their own journeys.


In May 2014 I completed a nine month long Teacher Training with Gil and Meaghan at Breathe Yoga Center. Having looked into many different programs, and actually having begun one the year prior, I am glad that I chose and completed the Breathe program. The content was comprehensive and well prepared for presentation, and both Gil and Meaghan shared their passion for yoga with our group as they presented each facet.

The class times, practice sessions, reading assignments and homework essays helped to build a solid foundation of knowledge about the history, philosophy and practices of yoga while allowing each student to explore their own path to developing a personal, daily practice. By the conclusion of the training, I felt confident in presenting the practices of pranayama, asana, and meditation to students while still excited about continuing to learn for my own further growth as both a yoga teacher and a lifelong yoga student.

I have studied with several excellent teachers in my training, and feel that the Teacher Training program presented at Breathe was both thorough and challenging, providing the opportunity for me to practice my teaching in settings of my choice based on my own interests as well as offering me the chance to observe and assist with classes at Breathe. There was adequate time for both discussion and debate through each weekend session.

I am happy to recommend this teacher training to anyone interested in making the commitment to deepening their practice of yoga through enrolling in this well-designed and well-taught program. Namaste.


I was very pleased with the depth of knowledge, kindness and personal attention in our program, I would recommend it to anyone interested in a training. Most of all I appreciated that our teachers aimed to help us find our own voice as teachers and were not just giving us a script to follow.