Gil Elhart E-RYT 500

Gil is a devoted Yogi who imparts his wonderful passion for life and well-being in his teaching. His classes and workshops are fun and invigorating! His intuitive physical adjustments, knowledge of yoga philosophy and anatomy, coupled with a playful manner & sense of humor make for a fulfilling experience. When experiencing Gil as an instructor it becomes immediately clear how much he loves what he’s doing and simply wants to share the benefits of yoga to all. He believes yoga changes lives for the better, and wants to be a part of a healthy revolution mind, body, and spirit.

Gil began teaching yoga at the age of 25 while living in Colorado. Thirsty for greater insight into the practice he attended trainings in vinyasa style yoga with world-renowned teachers Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, and Mark Stephens. Forming a friendship and mentorship relationship with his teachers, Gil has been travelling and assisting Seane Corn at conferences, trainings, and festivals since 2007. He loves bringing humor into the classroom, sharing his knowledge and experience, and helping guide students and teachers alike to a breakthrough discovery in the process of advancing their yoga on and off the mat.

Gil’s Offerings:

Myths of the Asanas
Yoga Alliance CEUs for 200 or 500 hour available. Includes 2 Workshops:

Myth Meditation & Mantra
The beloved Indian classics like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and the Puranas offer epic tales that have inspired the practices of yoga for centuries. For us, learning about these stories and their characters can provide new insights into the deeper dimensions of yoga. By meditating on the nature of these epic figures, we aspire to embody some of their attributes. Reciting mantra is another powerful tool for invoking the positive qualities of these legendary heroes. In Sanskrit, the word “mantra” literally means “instrument of thought.” Mantras are practical tools that help bring us equanimity. At any time we can invoke the wisdom of Ganesh, the fearlessness and devotion of Hanuman, or the balance of masculine and feminine qualities like Sita and Rama by repeating specific mantras. In this workshop we will explore story, meditate, and recite mantra. Learn techniques that you can employ as navigational instruments to sail upon the stormy seas of living, working, and parenting. All are welcome.

Mythic Yoga Flow
Hindu mythology and symbolism is a rich source of inspiration for yogis worldwide. In this workshop, which includes story, meditation, and a strong vinyasa practice, we will explore some of the stories behind the postures that we encounter many times in our practice. We know natarajasana as dancer’s pose — but who was Nataraja, and what did his dance signify? Why do we honor Hanuman — the monkey god — by searching for a split? Stories have an ability to spark a sacred energy deep within us. By hearing the myths of the asanas, and then embodying their symbolism we may find a new way to connect our presence in practice to the infinite wisdom of ancient tradition.

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers: Understanding Bodies and How to Read Your Classroom
This programming meets the requirements for RYT200, RYT+300, & RYT500 trainings.
In this interactive and experiential workshop we’ll draw from ancient yoga wisdom and contemporary insights from functional anatomy to explore refined alignment and energetic actions in a balanced variety of asanas, including standing poses, backbends, twists, forward bends and hip openers. Applying what we learn we’ll then explore these insights in the context of an integrated Vinyasa Flow practice open to all levels of students and teachers.
One, two, or three-day workshops available.

The Art of Touch: Assisting Yoga Asana
This programming meets the requirements for RYT200, RYT+300, & RYT500 trainings.
In this workshop we will explore the principles behind giving safe and empowering assists. Learn why assisting can be an effective teaching tool and what qualities make an informed assist. Develop body reading skills and an understanding of alignment principles that will enable you to see what needs to happen before speaking or using your hands. Practice giving and receiving verbal, energetic, and physical assists in a variety of yoga postures.
Yoga teachers will develop skills in assisting postures and guiding their student’s toward self-discovery. Learn proper techniques for practical assists for every type of body. This workshop is taught to the teacher’s perspective, but is a great place for anyone to deepen their yoga practice and expand their knowledge of alignment through tactile experience.
One, two, or three-day workshops available.

Yoga Class Theme Development for Yoga Teachers
This programming meets the requirements for RYT200, RYT+300, & RYT500 trainings.
Connect intention, asana, pranayama, music and more to deliver an experience that students find profoundly impactful. Learn to advance your teaching through deeper understanding of Sanskrit and how to weave ancient concepts into contemporary yoga. Topics covered include:
Sequencing Principles
Thematic/Peak Pose Sequencing
Integrating Theme & Music with Sequencing

Come away with advanced skills and knowledge to design intelligent sequencing for deeper exploration, such as advanced classes, anatomical-focused classes and workshops.
One and two-day workshops available.

2 & 3 hour Workshops

These workshops can be included and woven into the larger context of a full weekend.
Yoga Alliance CEUs for 200 or 500 hour available.

The Sacred Language of Sanskrit
Explore the language of enlightenment. Dive deeper into the mechanics of Sanskrit and its sacred sounds. The Sanskrit language, beloved by yogis for centuries is an ancient technology that activates the subtle nervous system and awakens higher states of consciousness. This program is a direct immersion in the practice of Sanskrit. Learn to easily pronounce the names of the yoga poses, chakras, and philosophical terminology, while increasing the depth of your breath and the flow of prana (life force). Enliven your practice, enrich your yoga teaching, and enlighten your mind, body and spirit with the vibrations of Sanskrit.
Fits with the Yoga Class Theme Development.

Refresh and Renew: Detox and Yoga
Asana and pranayama have a play an integral role in purifying the body, plus facilitate mental and emotional cleansing as well. This workshop will begin with a discussion on detoxing and what it means for our health and wellness. The practice entails a specific sequence designed to maximize the detoxification process including twisting, hip opening, and abdominal exercises. Experience firsthand the profound affect of stoking the purifying quality of internal heat and the space cleared physically and energetically for a revitalized sense of purpose and power in your life. Be prepared to sweat. We recommend some yoga experience before attending this workshop.

Optional: Following the yoga practice sample a delicious smoothie made by a self-proclaimed smoothie king 🙂 and take home the recipe to enjoy on your own. Leave uplifted and revitalized!

Find Your True Core
Our ‘core’ is about more than just abs. As we move deeper into our core, we find muscles that support a wider variety of movements than those at the superficial layer. Using dynamic asana to build strength and radiate it from our center we will pierce the deeper layers of our being to find our true core. Come ready to sweat, laugh, and practice a variety of core strengthening sequences, arm support postures and inversions. Leave connected to your innermost core, your bliss body.

Body Mudra Chakra Purification
Mudras are used in yoga and meditation to cultivate a greater sense of awareness to certain energetic fields within the subtle body. Experience familiar poses with new insight by applying specific mudras within a methodical vinyasa flow practice designed to awaken chakra energy. We will practice specific hand gestures that unlock the potential and power in our energy centers to attract the forces of happiness, success, and fearlessness in all endeavors. Class will end with a mindful savasana practice and breath work.