The Beauty of Remembering

“What can I do to always remember who I really am?”
– Juan Ramon Jiminez

The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ has various but similar translations; union, connection, to yolk, bring together, join. The word itself implies that something was apart, separated, or disconnected.

breathe-beauty-memoryIn fact there is a Sanskrit word for the opposite of Yoga: Viyoga. The way that I like to think of these two concepts is that Viyoga is the process of forgetting who we are, and Yoga is the process of remembering.

Herein lies the intrinsic beauty of the practice. In the process of daily living we get caught up in the forgetting. We identify with the traffic we are stuck in, the turmoil of a relationship, the deadlines we need to meet, all of the STUFF. When we identify with all that stuff we feel separate and disconnected.

Hopefully somewhere along the way we have the opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath, and have a blissful moment of remembering who we are, of reconnecting. This is Yoga!

From my experience, it is this continual process of forgetting and remembering that makes us human. It is why I roll out my mat or sit down on my cushion again and again. In the slowing down, the softening, the surrendering, I bring myself back together.