Still Point

This time of year provides such an interesting juxtaposition. Nature is making the yearly journey into the quiet lull of Winter. Plants become dormant and retreat back into the earth and animals prepare to hunker down or hibernate, yet we humans kick into high gear holiday madness and busyness overdrive. Whether this time of year brings you excitement and joy or loneliness and frustration it is important to find balance.

What is the opposite of busyness, motion, frantic running around, and all the push and pull that can be a part of daily living, especially this month?


Perhaps the greatest gift offered by the practices of yoga is the cultivation of, and connection to, a still point. This still point is not outside of us, it’s not something we can purchase on amazon, or find on a tropical island. It is within. And that’s good news because it means we can access it anytime. When we consciously choose to slow down and stop the ceaseless chatter of life we access a deep wisdom. It is a wisdom that knows no matter what is happening, in our own minds or in the world at large, we are fundamentally ok. The still point is an untouchable sense of calm and abiding peace amidst the potential chaos. So how do we access it?

Step 1: get still. carve out 5 minutes everyday to sit quietly. if that’s not possible go to your happy place in your mind 🙂

Step 2: bring your awareness to your breath. take several slow and deep rounds of breath.

Step 3: feel. notice what happens as you slow down and breathe consciously.

Step 4: hone your awareness. as you feel more calm begin to sense where there is steadiness inside you in this moment. keep your awareness on that steadiness. this inner wisdom goes beyond and through all the movement of life.

Step 5: remind yourself that the calm you feel is always there and is waiting for you to return anytime.

Wishing you peace now and always,