LUX Playlist

In my humble opinion, Meaghan is a playlist queen, so when I was called upon to sub for her this past weekend I turned to one of her created playlists for the class soundtrack. I joked at the conclusion of class that if you liked the music, then I would take credit, after all I did choose to play it 😉 However, full credit goes to her for this Lux playlist, which so deftly fits her style of yummy flow on Sunday mornings. There was a request from several students for the music. Subscribe to megesu on Spotify,and view all of our playlists that we use in class.

75-min playlist for Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Path of Least Resistance – Carbon Based Lifeforms
Lotus Heart – Desert Dwellers
Durga Shakti – Shaman’s Dream
Fallin’ – The Human Experience, Kalibri
Dreamcatcher – Bahramji, Maneesh de Moor
Whispers of Our Ancestors – Liquid Bloom
Apparently – Random Rab
Peaceful Air – Desert Dwellers
Movement 1 Ether – DJ Drez
Beginnings – MC Yogi, East Forest
Poa Alpina – Biosphere
The Flow – Ambient Mix – Kaya Project
9980 – Connect.Ohm

I enjoyed teaching the Sunday morning flow and I really enjoy these tunes! They have a really chill vibe, and are great for a smooth-flowing vinyasa practice. I really believe in the influential power of music, and am convinced these vibrations influenced my teaching that day. I synced up the sequence to align with the music through fluid transitions and fun exploration of graceful lines of energy in poses like ardha chandrasana chapasana (half-moon arc), side-bending crescent lunges, balancing table, and pinchamayurasana (forearm stand). Thanks again to Meaghan for this playlist.