Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have someone on your gift list that needs to relax? Or maybe you know someone who wants yoga more in their life. Whether your friend dabbles in yoga or is a hardcore devotee, shopping for relaxing gifts can be a fun. We’ve got you covered for anyone on your list whether you’re looking for an end-of-year gratitude gift or a holiday present, here are some of our favorite Breathe boutique items.

PRO lite mat $82
The ultimate in lightweight durability and support for your yoga practice. These mats have a lifetime guarantee, plus come in stylish colors.
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DoTerra essential oil diffuser $65
Introductory kit $28
Yoga collection $68
Breathe in goodness. Essential oils can help improve mood and boost energy. The starter kit comes with peppermint, lavender, and lemon, practical oils for everyday use. The yoga collection comes with three fabulous blends designed to support both meditation and yoga practice.
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Mala necklace $60-$90
Malas are beautiful reminders to live your intentions.
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Breathe Bracelet $18
A delicate reminder for those times when life (or vinyasa sequences) gets a bit much to deal with.
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Breathe Tanktop $30
Share the Breathe love! These comfy tanks can be worn year round during yoga practice and are stylish for gym workouts or beach cover-ups. Yoga friends who have relocated especially love receiving Breathe gear they no longer have access to.
Get the Green one!
Love that Purple!



eKo Mat $88
Help them stretch out in comfort, while saving the environment. The eKo mat provides the best grip of any mat we know, plus provides quality support under those boney bits.
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Acai (front left)
Plum Agate (front right)
Maldive (back left)
Kyi (back right)



eQua hand towel $16
Slippery down dogs have frustrated many yogis over the years. Sweaty palms are no problem for the eQua hand towel. Plus, they are great quick absorbing towels for multiple uses.
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Bright Green
Bright Blue


The gift of yoga is an excellent idea to help achieve balance and release stress, maybe this is a gift for yourself 😉
Check out these awesome holiday packages. Available for a limited time only!!!
Private Lesson 6-pack – 6 for the price of 5 $510 Value $425
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Private Lesson 12-pack – 12 for the price of 10 $1020 value $850
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Can’t decide? Let them choose. Give them a gift card. Purchase $100 gift card, get a bonus $10 gift card! Limited Time Offer.

Thanks for supporting your local yoga studio. Happy holidays!!!