Corona Virus Policy

Namaste Yogis,⁣⠀
We are all navigating uncharted waters. We are being asked to enhance our adaptability and increase our resilience. It is a time to be informed and to make wise decisions. ⁣⠀
It is a time when we desperately need the resources to help us stay calm and centered amidst the storm. We have chosen to temporarily suspend our public classes until further notice. However, we are offering classes from the studio via livestream. Sign up as you normally would for class using your membership, class pass, or purchase a drop-in at either the $10 or $18. We greatly appreciate your support at this time.
Additionally, we have a catalog of 30+ classes available on our Online Membership. This is separate from our studio classes, and not included with class passes or membership. The cost is $19.99/month and gives you unlimited access to classes of different styles and varying lengths. You can sign up and cancel at anytime, and practice whenever you would like, wherever you would like.

We hope that you continue to utilize the practices of yoga to calm your nervous system, nurture yourself and stay connected with us at Breathe during this social distancing ordeal.
Once classes do resume please adhere to the following policies for the time being.

• If you or any staff are unwell we ask that you stay home and take care of yourself. Please join us instead through our online classes and enjoy practice from the comfort of your own home.⁣⠀
• Wash your hands or use available hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the studio⁣⠀
• Greet friends with a 🙏 rather than physical contact⁣⠀
• Teachers will not be offering hands on assists⁣⠀
• No blankets or bolster use for classes. You may use blocks and sanitize them when done. We encourage you to bring your own props to class. You can use towels and pillows. Restorative classes will be adapted, and will still provide much needed nervous system deceleration⁣⠀
• Class size is limited to 15 to allow ample practice space. Please pre-register online, especially for our busier classes⁣⠀
• All surfaces will continue to be sanitized throughout the day⁣⠀
This is an extraordinarily difficult time for everyone. Our hearts go out to everyone especially our fellow small business owners making tough decisions.⁣⠀
Please know that we appreciate all of you, and we are grateful for your love, support, and care. ⁣⠀
We are in this together!


Meaghan and Gil