Community Spotlight: Karma Peep Rachel McCall

Meet our karma peep of the month, Rachel McCall! Rachel is a rock star peep. Perhaps that’s because she is so dedicated – read on to find out how long she’s been serving the Breathe community. Additionally, she’s been practicing at Breathe since virtually the beginning. We’re so grateful to have her bright smile and stable presence at our studio!!!

How did you start practicing at Breathe?
My sister and I found Breathe not long after they opened and made it a regular part of our yoga practice in Norfolk.
What was it about Breathe that made you want to join the karma crew?
I saw the karma crew so frequently as a student that it seemed a natural way to further my practice. I was looking to try something new and everyone was so welcoming that it was an easy fit right away.
What is your favorite class/style offered at Breathe?
Meaghan’s level two class has always been my favorite. I look forward to spending an hour or so focusing my mind and body on something totally different Thursday evenings after a long week.
In what way does your yoga practice most impact your daily life?
Yoga brings me back to myself. The physical movements are a way to keep pushing myself while accepting my limitations. It’s a way to stay peaceful but keep growing and expanding at the same time.
What is a fun fact about you that not many people know?
I’m the longest-running peep! I’ve been swiffering the studio floor and greeting the Breathe fam since May 2014.
Tell us something about peeping at Breathe.
I really love seeing the same faces week after week as we share the same space and movements together.
Thank you for your service Rachel.
namaste 🙏