Community Spotlight

Each month we’ve been featuring a valued member of our karma crew. This month we are highlighting a highly-dedicated staff member, Cindy Plant. We’ve known Cindy for many years, and couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on the Karma Crew! She brings great enthusiasm for helping support the studio, for practicing yoga, and connecting with the community. She also carries a kindness of spirit with her that extends into her service. Here is more about Cindy.

How did you start practicing at Breathe?

I saw the sign for Breathe when they were at the foot of the Granby St. Bridge and was intrigued. (esp with the Yoda reference 😉
I started coming to classes then and took a lapse when the move took place (change is difficult for me and getting easier). i started back a year ago and then became a peep.

What was it about Breathe that made you want to join the karma crew?

I wanted to get more involved with Breathe. To get to know the teachers and students better. It has been a fulfilling experience. I am shy and, yet, may not seem so. This is a way to put myself out there, be of some assistance, and benefit from the Breathe classes.

What is your favorite class/style offered at Breathe?

I love all the different styles. From June’s morning gentle yoga to Gil’s candlelight flow class to any of Meaghan’s (she is a goddess to me 🙂 classes.

In what way does your yoga practice most impact your daily life?

I have issues with stress and change and Yoga helps tremendously. I can take a step back and breathe and not feel the pressure as intensely. With yoga, I am reminded that I am enough.

What is a fun fact about you that not many people know?

I lived and worked on a bio-dynamic farm in northern Georgia in the early 1990’s. We built a little barn. I lived in the loft with my cat , Lola, and had a tiny wood burning stove. It was fascinating employing the bio-dynamic practices. It was a wonderful year.

Tell us something about peeping at Breathe.

It is a great opportunity! I feel a sense of purpose and being helpful to a business i believe in. I am benefiting and hopefully Breathe is too.