Community is not bound by walls

Dear Breathe Community,

At the beginning of February Gil and I were returning home from California. We were full of inspiration after a week spent in the desert with an amazing teacher, and a group of new friends, practicing kundalini yoga. As we arrived at our gate, we noticed that some people were wearing masks and we thought how strange. In the next airport we saw more of the same and we wondered what we didn’t know. Finally, Gil looked it up and said there was some virus in China. We were truly clueless. We had no idea the tidal wave that was about to hit us. Just 6 weeks later we closed the doors of the studio and took Breathe online. It was terrifying and uncertain, but we thought it would only be a couple of weeks. Here we here we are 6 months later.

The building at 4005 Granby was Breathe 2.0. We had grown our little dream into something that no longer fit the walls of our initial space, it was time to go bigger. So, we expanded into an absolutely beautiful new space with two rooms, a breathtaking reception, a “chill lounge”, and even a tiny kitchen. It was what was next for us. That space was designed to be full of people, people in both rooms practicing at the same time, with a member of our staff lovingly waiting to greet students as they came in, for friends to gather in the lounge, sip tea, and connect. It was not designed to bound by the restriction of 8 mats 10 feet apart, brief interactions at the desk and in the lounge, wearing masks, teachers managing a class that is virtual and in person, and constant disinfecting. Yet, this has been our reality since we opened back up in June. We have literally exhausted all our efforts to turn what was meant to be into what is during Coronavirus.

Over the last 6 months we have seen our community do the yoga – you have showed up and showed us so much. Your willingness to navigate all the technology fails, to wear a mask, and practice in a different way has been nothing short of inspirational. It has shown us what we really are and what true community means. What we know from this experience is that true community is not bound by walls.

It is time to move beyond the walls of 4005 Granby.

We have made the excruciating decision to close our physical location as of October 1. Breathe is not only our passion and purpose, it is our livelihood. After doing absolutely everything that we can to keep the building going it is simply no longer sustainable to do so. For some of you this may come as a surprise and for others it may not. Some of you asked us when we were selling our props if we were closing and we were as honest as we could be. We didn’t know for sure until now. This is not what we want to do or how we want to do it. It is going to feel sudden and shocking for many. We would have loved to make this announcement in room filled with all the beautiful people who have touched and been touched by our space. As with so much about this time it is unbelievable, it is not fair, and it is not ideal – yet it is.

This is our time to do the yoga – to be flexible, to be resilient, to look deeper, let go of our attachments, and know our Self beyond all that we have identified with. Breathe community is not a building. One of our beautiful teachers said the building has been like an outfit and we are just changing our clothes.

While every detail about the way forward is uncertain, we know that there is a way. For many of you not a lot will change. You will continue to practice with us online. We will continue to offer yoga as we have been doing, it just won’t be from inside the walls of the studio.

We know that you are going to have reactions and feelings to this news. We are having them too. We ask that as you choose to join us in forging this new path forward you do so, the same way you always have, with all the yoga in you – with patience and compassion, understanding and heart.

Gil and I, along with our staff are going to take a much-needed exhale over the next few days. We need just a moment of space so that we can get ready for the next phase of our evolution and this new way of serving you. There will still be classes online for you to practice with us in the coming days. The very best thing you can do is come back to your mat and stay tuned as we will have more details to share about what is next.

If you have read this far then it is likely that you were in our space and held by our community at some point in your journey. Thank you for that. We will treasure all the memories we have shared together within those walls for a lifetime. It has given us such meaning and purpose and allowed us the opportunity to share our passion. We are not done. There is more yoga in us. We have a collective of the brightest, most inspiring, and incredible teachers and light bearers by our side, ready to carry this torch forward. We hope you will join us.

With love and gratitude.

Meaghan and Gil