30 Day Yoga Challenge

January 6 – February 4

It’s a new year and what better way to start 2020 than with a commitment to a daily yoga practice! From January 6 – February 5 we invite you to join us for our 30 day yoga challenge at Breathe. There are two tiers: The 20-day goal and the 30-day goal with corresponding prizes!  The benefits of a daily practice extend well beyond the mat. Giving yourself the time to be present, come to your mat, and breathe translates into less anxiety, increased productivity, and a host of other advantages. There are also the physical benefits of more strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Plus the intangible benefit of community and friendship!

When you start the challenge you will get to know the regular faces of those practicing with you. They will help keep you accountable, lift you up when you need support, and cheer you on to the finish!

We offer you the chance to track your progress on our challenge board at the studio (you can of course keep your goals private if you choose), but you will get stickers to put on the board – just saying 🙂

The journey itself will be your biggest reward, but we have thrown in some extra incentives to celebrate your achievement! See our prize tiers below.

To participate, buy our special $99 unlimited pass (unless you are already on membership). Members – just let us know you are in! 

Once you join we will send you a welcome email with more info. 

* If you would like to participate and currently have a class pass we can put a hold on your current pass and reactivate it once the challenge is finished.

We can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you!


2 tiers:

20 days – successfully take 20 classes during the challenge and win 

15% off your next class pass or retail purchase

1 free guest pass for a friend that is new to Breathe

Chance to win a workshop credit 

30 days – successfully complete 30 classes during the challenge and win

A breathe t-shirt or tank top or workshop credit

20% off your next class pass or retail purchase 

2 free guest passes for friends new to breathe

Chance to win a free private yoga lesson at Breathe