300 Hour TT Application

300 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
With Co-Directors Meaghan de Roos and Gil Elhart

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    1. What is your background and experience with yoga? How many years you have been practicing yoga? Please list in detail:
    School/Style, Teacher(s), Number of Years.

    2. Do you have a daily yoga and meditation practice? Please describe your daily practice.

    3. How many years have you taught yoga? Please describe your teaching style, and locations in which you’ve taught.

    4. Why are you inspired to complete our 300 hour Teacher Training? What are your goals for the program?

    5. What teachers and mentors have influenced you in both yoga and your life? How do they inspire you?

    6. Tell us a little bit about yourself- family, occupation, interests. What brings you joy?

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